Breakfast is served at your individual table in our 'Dining Room & Bar' areas with soft background music.  We like fresh food so we make yours hot off the stove as you come down to enjoy your start to the day. Generally, we serve between 8:30am and 9:30am but times may need to be shifted at rare occasions. 

Our breakfast consists of a chef's choice of breakfast entree which varies from day to day accompanied by an individual fresh appetizer, hot Colombian coffee, assorted teas and multiple choices of fruit juices.  On request we can serve our dishes vegetarian style so they can be enjoyed by everyone.

Our chef's specialty is 'Pannekoeken', Dutch style pancakes. These are served rolled crepe style with a choice of fillings (Chef's suggestion is cinnamon sugar.  It is the Best!), accompanied by a twirl of sausage, fresh local and tropical fruits and served decorated with fresh homegrown edible flowers and herbs in season.

Other selections that may be served are:

Almond crusted French toast fingers with homemade maple syrup.

Soft fluffy country omelet with fresh caramelized leeks and portabella mushrooms, cheese, bacon and toast on the side.

Quiche du-jour possibly with pine nuts, basil and sun dried tomatoes.

Our appetizers vary from fresh grapefruit or fresh fruit cups in season. Other choices include homemade banana, pumpkin or zucchini bread, pumpkin muffins, overloaded blueberry muffins or fresh fruit parfaits.